Petrolia Ex-Student Association

Providing your Current Contact Information to the Petrolia Ex-Student Association (PESA) will Speed Up completion of the PESA Digital Records Conversion Project.  Two Volunteers, Tom Harmon and Kenneth Bitz, are collecting PESA Member Contact Information and converting the Current Handwritten Paper PESA Member Records to a Digital Records Format. Submitting YOUR Contact Information in the form below will complete the project much quicker.   After 65 years PESA is Converting to a Digital Records System.

Your Email Address: In the near future PESA will send out an occasional email messages (a few times a year) about Association Reunions, Association News, and Special Events.

PESA Confidentiality Statement: The PESA Officers and PESA Volunteers are ALL Committed to Safeguard to the Fullest Possible Extent your Contact Information and Will NEVER, EVER Sell or Share Your Contact Information.

At any time, after signing up, you can unsubscribe from the PESA E-mail List, after which you will no-longer receive email messages from PESA.

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